Challenge #201 … Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day!

This week, the Diva has challenged us to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation logo as our string.  January 24th is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day and those of us involved in the Diva’s weekly challenges know of her young son’s challenge with this rare neurological disorder.  We honor her and her family with our yearly contributions on this Awareness Day.

They are a remarkable family, and he is an absolutely adorable little boy.  Love to see all the pictures of him and his older brother and their adventures and mischief.

To learn more about this, click on the links above to read about Laura and her son, or the Foundation and all that they do.


5 Comments on “Challenge #201 … Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day!

  1. awww….I love this! I did shattuck too this week! Really like the dangling purple hearts, showing the love for the people affected by this syndrome! Great idea!


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