Weekly Challenge #222 … “Colors of the Rainbow”

This week the Diva Challenge called for using color … “Colors of the Rainbow”.  I always like to use color so this challenge was fun to create.  I’ve included Antidots, Flux, Meer, Msst, and Poke Leaf patterns on my tile with watercolor pencils. DSC_0003 As noted in my previous post, I’ve schedule a “Introduction to Zentangle” class at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery in the historic Bernardo Winery in the San Diego area.  I needed to create examples for their “class table” so I’ve put together the following.  Here’s hoping it gets people excited to take the journey!  I’m excited to show them the way …


3 Comments on “Weekly Challenge #222 … “Colors of the Rainbow”

  1. This is beautiful! I love how the watercolor pencils fade…I was afraid to try adding water on the tile but you really convinced me it’s worth a try!


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