Challenge #223 … UMBLE

The pattern chosen by the Diva this week was one I had never used – “Umble” which was created by Rick & Maria.   I grabbed a Bijou tile and did a little practice.  It was in the evening so my lighting wasn’t the best.  When I grabbed my Graphic 1 pen to fill in the lines, I didn’t realize I had a brown pen in my hand until I was done and took a closer look!  However, I like the combo of the black and brown – it was an unexpected finish to my first Umble tile.  On my original tile, I did a little Umble with some Flux and Zinger, and a piece of Henna Drum.  Stuck to the black pen on this one though.

DSC_0001 2

Practice … Bijou with Umble and Crescent Moon


Diva Challenge #223 – Umble, Flux, Zinger, and a piece of Henna Drum (on original 3.5 x 3.5 tile)

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few weeks, I wasn’t liking the look of my patterns using the 01 pen.  My lines seemed kind of “scratchy” and very shaky.  I’ve been using an 03 lately and liking that  better.  A fellow CZT in our group here in San Diego,  Charlotte Carpentier of Temecula, CA, has such nice, bold strokes in her work.  I like the effect she gets … maybe using an 03 will help me get bolder lines! I want to give a shout out  to the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team currently competing in the Women’s World Cup (and being hosted by Canada).   They’ve made it to the quarterfinals and will now play England this coming weekend.  Being of Canadian roots, I can’t help but pull for the team … go Team Canada!

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5 Comments on “Challenge #223 … UMBLE

  1. You are too kind! I use the “weighted line” to cover a myriad of shakes lines. Your work is always so light and airy and beautiful, as are these. I love the black/brown too. I will often use the sepia on white tiles, it gives it an antiqued look.


  2. I like both, but the second one is my favorite. I like the organic feeling it has


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