Weekly Challenge #229 … Negative Space

Sandy Hunter, CZT is the guest Diva for this week’s challenge.  Some of us tend to keep adding more and more to our work, when sometimes we should maybe step away and enjoy the “white space”.  I’m not sure I stepped away soon enough from my entry this week, but I do like the white space that draws me in on my tile.  This is a “challenge” I’ll keep working on!

8 responses to “Weekly Challenge #229 … Negative Space

  1. It is worth working on! I loved the challenge! Your tile is nice!


  2. The white space emphasizes your lovely Flux. I like Flux poking out of the Crescent Moon too.


  3. Lovely! I too love the flux!


  4. This is a wonderful piece of work. I love the white space you left and the way that it draws you in to admire the rest of the work. Beautifully done tangles.


  5. It really does look like something you could dive into.


  6. Wow, this really draws you in!


  7. Beautiful tile! Great choice of tangles and wonderful depth!


  8. You achieved some great perspective, especially with the flux. It does draw you in.


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