Challenge #230 … “ZenDivaDala”

This week’s guest Diva is Erin Olson from The Bright Owl.  Erin hosts the Zendala Dare every week so it’s only fitting that she is challenging us with a Zendala based idea. (A Zendala is a Mandala filled with tangles!) She provided us with the “string” and we could take it any direction we wanted to.  I’ve included Cruffle, Flux, modified Jetties, Knightsbridge, Crescent Moon and Tipple.  Enjoy all the other entries at the Diva’s website, I Am the Diva.


The original “string” which I turned into ….


15 Comments on “Challenge #230 … “ZenDivaDala”

    • When I clicked the ‘post comment’ button, I saw the tangled Newfoundlander, that’s so very lovely (I had a Landseer for many years, so this type of dogs still appeal to me)


      • This is Olivia, my Australian Shepherd. Not quite as big as a Newfie. Very sweet dogs – she is our third one. THANK YOU for all your kind comments each week, too.


  1. Why do I never use Cruffles? When I see it like here, I always think how well it looks but it never comes to mind when I am drawing. I love your mix of patterns.


  2. Lovely zendala! I really like how the patterns are randomly placed rather than symmetrical, it keeps the eye moving around the piece. Well done!

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  3. Your zendala is packed with interesting tangles. I wasn’t sure where to look first and spent quite a long time gazing. Nice work.

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  4. Maybe I have been looking at to many of these in a short time. This just reminded me of a salad. A very nice salad. Like the variation in the circles.

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  5. I love your unexpected, not exactly matching repetition of patterns in your Zendala. This really keeps your interest, and is beautifully done!


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