Sharing Friendship & Zentangle …

Yesterday I met with Lauryn Eldon, a CZT from Massachusetts.  She’s been in La Jolla “wintering” for the month of January. With her time almost up, and heading back to “real winter”, what better way to share a day of tangling in San Diego than by the water.  We set up shop at an outdoor table at Mission Bay Yacht Club and tangled Zendalas.  It was such a nice quiet time, without the weekend crowds, enjoying good weather and friendly conversation.

The world of Zentangle has introduced me to so many new friends.  I thoroughly enjoy getting together with every one of them to share our love of Zentangle. It took me a long time to find something I’m super passionate about, but it was worth the wait.   Sign up and take a class if you haven’t yet.  Maybe you’ll find your passion too!

Image 2
Lauryn’s on the left; Susan’s on the right

ImageI did this one today – excited to try more!

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