Challenge #253 … “Molygon”

Zentangle introduced a new pattern recently … “Molygon”.  The Diva has challenged us to use this pattern in our work for this week.  It’s a fun one to draw, but takes a little practice.  Sometimes I found my “molygons” were too skinny or too fat, not just right.  Then I discovered that if you mix them all up, it makes for a more interesting tile! Enjoy all the other entries on the Diva’s website.

If you would like to give these patterns and many, many more a try, sign up for my “Introduction to Zentangle” Class coming up on February 21st at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio, located in the Bernardo Winery.  Grab yourself a friend and a glass of wine, and come learn how to unleash your “inner artist”!  Sign up now using Paypal … over on the right!



12 Comments on “Challenge #253 … “Molygon”

  1. A lovely tile. I agree, mix it up. Hope your class goes well – I don’t suppose you would like to do a class in Ireland would you? lol


  2. You’re right about getting the individual shapes “right” and the more I try, the less “right” they are. I’m going to try your method and see if I’m happier when I mix them up. It obviously worked for you, so I’m hopeful.


  3. I agree, the mixing of shapes and sizes is what gives the piece energy. Beauty is in the variation. Love your piece!


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