Challenge #261 … Stacked!

The Diva has a guest Blogger for this week’s challenge – Jane Reiter, CZT, who has given us a “Stacked Bijou Challenge”.  When I saw it my first thought was “this will take too long”, but I got out some paper this evening and worked my way through  five layers!  I used very simple patterns as I just wanted to see if I could get this done.  I really like the idea now that I’ve put one together and will definitely give it another try when I allot myself a little more time.  I think you could really come up with some pretty pieces of art.  (This kept me away from the bag of milk chocolate Easter eggs that kept calling my name ….!)

Image 1

16 Comments on “Challenge #261 … Stacked!

  1. very nice drawing and special by using mostly brown in all the tiles, i like it!
    The little yellow accent in the smallest tile gives a pretty accent


  2. A wonderful variety of tangles, and the restful colour scheme lets them shine!


  3. I need to do this challenge to stay away from Reeses peanut butter eggs! Great job!


  4. Lovely composition and colours. Compliments your blog colours too 🙂


  5. Your Chocolate Resistance is perfect. Right down to the outer chain border!


  6. Nice job, and it is great that you accepted the challenge to complete it. You did a nice simple job and worked out the design.


  7. I think it’s wonderful that tangling saved you from chocolate, so few things could. I am also glad that your piece was such a success, lovely patterns and subtle colours. Very nice.


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