Challenge #262…Fassett

As usual, the first Diva Challenge of each month features a pattern created by “the tangling public”.  This months tangle was created by Lynn Mead called “Fassett”.  It looks complicated, but it is quite simple.  This is a fun pattern that can be used different ways.  I opted to do a mono-tangle for my submission this week.


Last weekend, I had the privilege of sharing an Introduction to Zentangle Basics class with six awesome ladies.  They learned eight patterns and completed two tiles.  Their first tiles look great …. and the good news …. they had fun creating them.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon and sharing many more patterns as they expand their pattern libraries.

ImageCrescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Static & Cubine

Image 1Printemps, Poke Root & Poke Leaf, Zander, Festune

10 responses to “Challenge #262…Fassett

  1. I love your monotangle – really nice effect. And your students have created some very lovely tiles. Axxx


  2. Beautiful Fassett!


  3. Wow! Love how you did your Fassett, and the tiles from class so nice!


  4. Beautiful tiles!


  5. Yorkshire Tortoise

    Love your Fassett and how wonderful to enthuse other people to produce such great beginner tiles.


  6. dobriendesign

    Your tile has the feel of a beautiful church window, lovely. Your student work is just great. Nice choice of contrasting tangles in their tiles. Structured and organic play so well together!


  7. Love your Fassett tile!


  8. Well done, very beautiful.


  9. Great Fassett – lovely idea.


  10. Your Fassett reminds me of woodwork. Your class tiles are great. I never remember to take pictures. Will put them together for people to look at but do not take a picture.


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