“Patterns & Paper” …

Yesterday, I led a class entitled “Patterns & Paper” at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  Six ladies, who have recently discovered Zentangle, shared their Sunday afternoon together as we learned eight new tangle “patterns”.  The “paper” came into play when we folded Lotka paper into Beckah Krahula’s “Folders for ATC and Tiles”.

First off, we did the paper folding, creating two – one for regular tiles and then a Bijou size folder.  After learning the new patterns, each person took out a Bijou tile and created a monotangle with their choice of one of the new patterns they learned today.  Everyone went home with their Bijou Folder and one completed Bijou!  It would have been fun to make a 3.5×3.5 tile as well, but everyone was in agreement that they wanted new patterns to add to their Tangle Libraries.

It was a very good afternoon spent with new friends and followers of Zentangle!

DSC_0036Note: the Lotka paper came printed with
this nice black and white design.
We did not tangle the folders!

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