Challenge #268 … “A Bit of Black”

I haven’t participated in the Diva’s Challenge for a while.  I’m getting in on this one a few days late … only being saved by the Canadian holiday of “Victoria Day” today.  Thank you Queen Victoria!

I created a couple tiles and couldn’t decide on just one …

The Zendala has a mass of  Jetties and looks too black.
Perhaps I went a little overboard with the “bit of black” theme?!


The second tile was loosely constructed starting with an orb in the middle.  Then I just continued to grow out using Mooka on all sides, adding Henna Drum, Poke Leaf and Flux.  Last week, I taught a class on Zendalas so I think the circular shape with Mooka was a carry-over.  I liked trying to get a Zendala feel in a free form manner … no border or string, just flowing out from the center.  I should have used a Zendala tile, but I grabbed a piece of paper I had stuffed in my journal and tangled away.  Definitely didn’t follow any basics on this one!




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