Zentangle Journey Begins ….

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon with nine new students of the Zentangle Method.  But, for the first time ever …. I forgot the name of a pattern I was teaching!  So frustrating, it just wouldn’t come to me.  All of a sudden, about ten minutes later, BAM, there it was.  Festune!  Festune! I kept thinking it started with an “S” and couldn’t get that out of my head.  Anyone else ever had this happen!?

I hope my “senior moment” (and I am a senior I guess) didn’t scare them away.  Hoping to meet up with them at another class down the road.  Here’s a sample of their beautiful work.

ImageThis was our second tile
Zander, Printemps, Poke Root, Poke Leaf and ….. Festune!

Image 1Our “Classroom”
Elena, Susie, Jan, Jolene, Elizabeth, Nancy, Renee, Michelle & Jenny
The colorful Icarus Creative Arts Studio

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