Challenge #279 … Meer vs. Auraknot

I haven’t participated in a Diva Challenge in quite a while.  Thought I would check it out this week and found it’s a “duo tangle” – using just two patterns to create your tile.

I always like to use Meer but not sure when I’ve used Auraknot.  Not my favorite – my lines tend to be a little too jiggly.  I was messing around with using rounder shapes and it takes quite well to the Auraknot process.  Next time.  Be sure to see all the other entries in this week’s challenge at the Diva’s website.


Playing around with Auraknot “in the round”!


8 Comments on “Challenge #279 … Meer vs. Auraknot

  1. Your Auraknots look as if they are skipping gaily along the road and, now that I’ve seen the rounded version, I can see more ways to use the pattern, which I like but find limiting.


  2. I love your tile for the diva challenge. Your lines on the Meer are so precise! I have problems doing them parallel and at the right angle. Yours look wonderful!


  3. I love your tile! It is a perfect combination of these tangles. I agree with Suse’s comment … starfish on the beach.


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