Dog Day of Summer (& a Basics Class)….

This month’s Intro Class saw eight new students and two new dogs!  Yes, I had two “therapy-in-training” dogs join the class today and they performed very well.  They were so obedient you never even knew they were in the class.  Brady and Bella are welcome back anytime.

This class also saw three men in attendance – another first for me.  I’ve had one man at a time but not three.  I felt I needed to adjust my second tile for this class as I usually teach something a little on the “flowery” side using more organic shapes.  This time I used Jetties, Shattuck and Cubine for the second one.  When I announced that I had made that little change, they all wanted to do a flowery one!  We had a quick fifteen minutes left so we did a jiffy little Bijou size and they all loved it, including the men.  Of course in my rush to get this little third tile completed, I neglected to get photos of tiles 2 and 3.  Oh well, next time.  Their first tiles were excellent for first time Tanglers.

My next class on August 21st will break out the Renaissance tiles – something different and new pens as well.  (And, two of the students from yesterdays class already signed up for this one!) It makes me feel good that people “get it” after just one class.  Enjoy the tiles ….

IMG_1422Dave, Brady, Amy & Bella

IMG_1419Awesome first time work!


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