“Under the Sea” …

Today, nine of us met and created “Under the Sea” ZIA’s to celebrate summertime in San Diego!  We spent the first half hour learning a few new patterns that would work nicely in an organic ocean scene, then we all proceeded to create our ZIA’s.

For this class, I chose to use Apprentice tiles for their white background, as we were going to add some color once we were finished.  I also penciled in a circle so our work would be created “in the round like a fish bowl or bubble.  As always, it’s exciting to look at them all once done to see how we all used the same patterns, but how different the outcomes can be.

For our color, I gave each student four colored pencils (all sea-like) and used the white pencil to blend our colors.  Most of the work you see below as done with just the four pencils.  Amazing all the colors you can achieve with so few pencils.

Thanks to Tess, Sharon, Karin, Judy, Judy, Judi, Kathy and Kathy* for attending the class today.  It was another fun Sunday afternoon to spend with others who are excited about Zentangle.

*Kathy attended class fresh off her week in Providence, Rhode Island where she has now become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  Her roots started with Rho Densmore, my original CZT.  Small world …..

IMG_1387 (1)

Excuse poor quality of photos – have a new operating system on my Mac and can’t figure out the photo downloading – different now & driving me crazy!!!  At least you can get a general idea and how beautiful the colors were with just the four pencils (and a little pink, yellow and orange!)

Got the camera downloading to work!  Here’s a couple ZIA’s I did in preparation for the class …

DSC_0004 (1)

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