Oceans, Gardens & Frogs …

Had a fun evening doing a little “organic ocean” tangling with Judy and Julie the other night.  I’ve met with them a few times now, creating some fun “stuff”.  We’ve done our pets, an “organic garden” and now, this time, our little ocean ZIA.  This class, I pre-watercolored Apprentice tiles and Bijous.  We first completed the larger tile, then I wanted to show them how they can take the very same tangles and create a smaller one on the Bijou.  Lots of fun!

Looking forward to our next get-together!

fullsizerenderPatterns – Rixty, Squid, Coral Seeds, Angelfish, Phycops, Printemps, Cruffle, Fescue, Tipple

I’ve also had an “Organic Garden” class last weekend with Laurie and Karin.  As I  often do, I forgot to take pictures of our completed work.  Karin had to leave a  little early so she completed hers at home then sent me a picture.  She wanted to create a “tree” on her tile and came up with her own (right side of paper).  Very nice.   (We did these on Strathmore Artagain paper.)


I had been playing with gardens prior to the class, as well as checking out my new Suzanne McNeill “Floribunda Woodland” book.  Lots of little embellishments for Zentangle ZIA’s.  Since I was doing a garden, I picked out a little frog and put him in the “pond”.  Gave him a little color just for fun!  Check out Suzanne’s book if you have a chance.  There’s also a “Floribunda Basics” with lots of flowers, vines, leaves, etc.  As I said, little embellishment ideas!



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