Challenge #285 … “Relax Bro”

The Diva challenged us to get to the “zen” of our Zentangle practice and just let it go ….  In other words, she challenged us to get back to the basic of Zentangle – the pen, the tile and you.  So many people have to create the “perfect” tile to put on display which creates tension and stress.  The whole point of Zentangle is to relax.

I like to think that is how I always practice Zentangle.  I’m not into creating great works of art – I like my little 3.5×3.5 tile and am amazed at the patterns I can create.  I do this because it brings me joy and into a very peaceful space.  Trying to create all the stuff to impress other people just isn’t for me.  And this is how I like to share Zentangle with my students – the pure, simple process of Zentangle.

I sat in my backyard next to to the fountain, listening to the birds and water.  I also live right by the ocean so the sounds of the gulls and water added to the atmosphere.  I have to admit my yard is very peaceful so it’s pretty  hard not to relax and get into the “zen” of tangling.   All these sounds guided me to Mooka -the constant motion of the pen without raising it was nice and quiet.  It’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of thought – just go and flow …. much like the sea.  This was a great Challenge that I enjoyed lot.



10 Comments on “Challenge #285 … “Relax Bro”

  1. A lovely and relaxing (to look at) tile. You are a lucky one, linving near the ocean 🙂


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