Old Friends, New Friends and a Basic Class …

Today was my first “Introduction to Zentangle” class for 2017 at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  With the start of a new year, many people are ready to find “something new” to try and today’s class was one of those.  I was  surprised with eleven ladies in the class, and even further surprised by a few in attendance.

One of my high school friends, Paula, and her friend Myra, drove all the way down from Redlands to take the class.  I appreciate the effort it took for them to come down for the class – and it was great to meet Myra.  Also in class, was someone I hadn’t seen in at least forty years – Cherie!  In fact, I think the last time we saw each other we were both very young ladies sporting nice tans and bikinis on the beaches of La Jolla Shores!!!  Then, in walked my favorite “Ibarra Mexican Chocolate” and coffee seller, Marcella, from the old Pannikin Store in La Jolla.  Think it’s been about ten years since I last saw Marcella.  I was so impressed with myself that I remembered Marcella, but Cherie had to give me a clue before I recognized her.  All in all, it was totally awesome to see these old friends and share Zentangle with them.

As if that wasn’t enough, I met eight new ladies who came to see what Zentangle is all about.  What a nice group – a couple ladies who have tried Zentangle on their own, someone contemplating going to Providence to get certified (yeah!), an aunt and a niece spending the day together, and a few who wanted that “something new”.

We created our two basic tiles and had lots of discussion, with a few questions I hadn’t been asked before.  Was nice to be challenged by those as sometimes you take the basic patterns and tiles for granted until, like today, someone poses a question or two and had me thinking a little about my response.  Thanks, Sunny!

All of them created beautiful tiles that I’m sharing here.  It was very exciting to hear that they all enjoyed the class and, in fact, a couple went right out and signed up for the “New Products/New Patterns” class coming up on January 29th!

If you’re looking for “something new” in 2017, give Zentangle a try.  I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed – anyone can do it – “one stroke at a time”!

img_1646Tile #1 by Paula, Myra, Nancy, Kathleen, Kelly, Kit,
Marcella, Cherie, Sunny & Emily

img_1648Tile #2 by Paula, Myra, Nancy, Kathleen, Kelly, Kit,
Marcella, Cherie, Sunny & Emily

img_1650Tiles #1 and #2 by Jeanne

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