Challenge #299 … Draw-wings

The Diva has challenged us to use “Draw-Wings” – one of the four newly introduced Zentangle patterns – for the Challenge this week.   As usual, it took a few tries to “get” it.  I really, really like this pattern.

So does my husband!  He shapes surfboards and now wants to change his logo to something using this pattern.  You can get a really nice “wave-like” look depending on the angle you create the wings, so I need to get to work on that!

I chose a black 3Z tile, using a white Jelly Roll pen for my entry this week!


11 responses to “Challenge #299 … Draw-wings

  1. Beautiful Susan! Looks great on black tile. Delicate. 🙂


  2. Quite stunning on the black! You’ll have to share that logo if he does it.


  3. Beautiful tile. This tangle looks really great done on the black 3z tile. And what a lucky husband to have you creating his logo with this flowing tangle. Can’t wait to see it!


  4. Brave to go with the black tile, but you nailed it. Very nice. I’m trying hard to picture the Draw-wings in a surfing logo unless they are stylized waves.


  5. I really like the white on the black tile. It really pops.


  6. Lovely on black!!!


  7. Wonderful , this Drawings on the black tile 🙂


  8. Great dramatic tile! Beautiful Drawings!


  9. So pretty on black!


  10. Nice work on the black tiles. I have not tried any of the 3Z tiles. Hope to get some soon.


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