Black Tiles …

Black tiles and white Jelly Roll pens were the supplies needed for today’s class at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery.  Six ladies took part in drawing beautiful black tiles with the Jelly Roll pens, and shading with either a white charcoal pencil or the Zenstone.  All tiles were beautiful.

Our first tile included Indy-Rella, Twing and Nymph.  These are great patterns to use with the white pen and they shade out very nicely.

img_1695Beautiful Art by Paula, Jeanne, Judy, Sharon, Judi & Cheri

The second tile featured the die-hard Bales, along with a new pattern I discovered this week – “Joki” – from Danish tangler Kim Aarts.  It’s a pretty tangle and easy to get into a rhythm tangling all the curves.  Adding just a touch of shading gives it even more interest.

img_1698Beautiful Art by Cherie, Judi, Sharon, Judy, Jeanne & Paula

The best part of a class is seeing the outcome of all the tiles considering everyone is using the exact same patterns.  Some have a heavier hand than others, some view a pattern in a different way – but, however way they are drawn, all pieces are beautiful.  This was a very fun class … if you haven’t tried your white Jelly Roll pen on a black tile, you’re missing out.

Next up on March 5th is an “Introduction to Zentangle” class.  If you haven’t tried Zentangle yet, but are thinking of giving it a try, this is the class to take.  After that, March 19th will feature “Monotangles Meet Bijou” … another fun and different class!  Hope to see you at one of them!

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