Challenge #304 … “Waybop”

This week’s Diva Challenge requires the use of one of Zentangle’s newest patterns, “Waybop”.  This was one of three “official” new tangles introduced at Zen Again back in the Fall of 2016.  I recently taught all three new patterns to a class, and it was a bit of a challenge by all!  The patterns were a bit more difficult than most, but everyone persevered and we made some beautiful tiles.  (See my post “New Products & New Patterns”)

Just this past weekend, I taught a class where we ended up with a little time left at the end.  The ladies requested to go over this very same pattern one more time.  They all got it, but just needed a little more reassurance that, yes, they were doing it correctly!

I love this pattern!  I think it’s one of my new favorites.  There are so many different ways to create it and embellish.  This tile was done on light grey Stonehenge paper, using a black micron and white gel pen for accents.  I like to play around with a different number of “seeds” each time.  This tile features 10!

Check out the Diva’s page to see the unique entries this week from all over the world!  Enjoy.


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