“Just Patterns” ….

This month’s class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio was all about learning new patterns.  Sometimes it’s good to just spend time learning new patterns to add to our libraries and future tiles.  I had so many ideas for what patterns to teach, I finally had to just pick some and go from there!  Remember, when looking for new patterns to learn, with their step-outs, tanglepatterns.com  is a great resource.  You’ll find so many patterns you won’t know where to start!  Of course, the internet is a valuable tool for finding new patterns, as well, but Tangle Patterns has so much good information I would suggest looking there first.

The patterns learned this class:  Rainking by Leona Shih, Oof by Zentangle, Sprigerz by Brenda Campbell, Hurry by Zentangle, Purrlyz by Hanny Waldburger, Zenith by Zentangle and DooDah by Zentangle.  After spending time learning the steps to create these, the class opted to complete a tile before the end of class, rather than learn a few more patterns.  You can see below, the patterns selected for the tile were Rainking, Sprigerz, Purrlyz, and DooDah.  Everyone managed to get most of their tile completed.  This was a lot of work for a two hour class, but everyone picked up on the patterns pretty quickly so we had just enough time to get that tile “almost done”.  

This was a very fun class.  I’ll do this again in a few months.  Not only is this a good one for the tanglers, it’s good for the “teacher”, too, as it forces me to reach out and learn new patterns that I might not try!  Here’s the beautiful work created by Judi, Judy, Avril, Sally and Liz.

Next up:  “Four Corners”, Sunday, June 9th, 1-3:00pm at Icarus Creative Arts Studio

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