“Four Corners” ….

June’s class at Icarus Creative Arts focused on “Four Corners”.  Each tangler had four tiles with the inner corners broken into five “rings”.  We had a list of fifteen patterns to be inserted into these rings.  I assigned each pattern a number and drew numbers from a basket.  The number pulled was the pattern we drew at that moment.  The only pattern that was drawn more than once was Fassett for the inner circle on each tile.  (I made an error in counting how many patterns I had selected, so we used Fassett once more in a stripe!)  There was no set stripe to insert a pattern, aside from the center.  We did complete one tile at a time.  It was fun at the end of class to see just how they all turned out. Pretty awesome I think!

This was a very fun class, but very demanding of time.  We had to keep our pace moving, with little time to spare.  We did manage to complete the tiles in 2 hours and 10 minutes!  Just 10 minutes over!  

We had a guest observing the class and after we completed one tile, she decided she would give it a try.  I gave her some supplies and she joined in.  She did a great job and has already signed up for next month’s class!

Next up … July 21st – “Cartouches”!  
Another Sunday of something new and fun!

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