Shall We “Cartouche”? ….

traditionally a decorative frame
surrounding an image or inspiration

This technique was introduced by Zentangle earlier this year as part of their Project Pack Series.  I have to say, it is my favorite to date!  You can rediscover old treasures …. photographs, trinkets, medals, jewelry, etc. … and create beautiful pieces of tangled art to share with others.  Once completed and put into frames, the old relics are brought to life and ready to be enjoyed by all over again!

This month’s Zentangle class at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio brought ten ladies together to tangle “cartouches”.  Each one brought 3-4 photos (or copies of via re-printing on computers using photo paper – saves your originals) that they were willing to cut and past onto a background.  After giving each photo a trim using deckel-edged scissors, we began to tangle. Everyone was given a black micron, brown micron, graphite pencil and white charcoal pencil.  Some brought their own colored pens and added color to their photos when the opportunity presented itself.

Pets were a very popular photo theme in the class.   Family photos, both old and new, were also favorites.  There are endless possibilities in choosing patterns to fill the cartouche frames so finding ones that suit the actual photo are part of the fun of drawing a cartouche.

Our first cartouche used a simple border using Crescent Moon shapes around the photo, then adding an aura, another layer of moons, and another layer of aura.  We filled the shapes with Flux and added shading to the finished pieces.  Our second frame used the simple pattern of Fescu, with line weighting, orbs and aura …. lots of aura! Both were very simple, but took time to draw and be in the moment … relax, breath, relax, enjoy, admire.

This technique would make wonderful gifts to share with family and friends.  Dig out some of your old photographs and treasures, or download from your phones, and start creating a beautiful cartouche.  Get the photos out of the boxes, or off the web, and enjoy!

Side note to the class … There were three CZT’s attending the class!  Judy Jankauski, Suzanne Wilka and Rho Densmore.  Rho was the CZT at my very first class; I’ve taken several classes with Suzanne; and Judy became a CZT after coming to my classes at Icarus!  How awesome is that!  Even CZT’s like attending classes, learning new ideas and making new friendships.  I’m so appreciative of everyone who comes … I really look forward to sharing Zentangle on these monthly Sunday afternoons!

Here’s the beautiful work created this month!

Artist: Marilyn

Artist: Rho

Artist: Suzanne

Artist: Judi

Artist: Vickie

Artist: Linda

Artist:  Teri

Artist: Sally


Artist:  Judy

Artist: Liz

Next up:  
Sunday, August 18th
Icarus Creative Arts Studio

Sign-up early as classes fill up quickly!



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