Renaissance Tangling …

Classes have started back up at Icarus Creative Arts Studio for 2020! The first one of the year was “Renaissance Tangling” inspired by “Madame Renaissance”, an e-book created by Stefanie van Leeuwen, CZT.  Her passion for the “Zentangle Renaissance” style found her craving more direction in shading, highlighting, etc.  In not finding too much out there, she created her own!  Her style of teaching in the e-book is very good and I would recommend the purchase to anyone interested in the tan tiles with an emphasis on shading and highlighting.

Two patterns included in Stefanie’s book were taught in the class – A-dalpha by Bunny Wright, CZT and Fragment Renaissance by Stefanie herself.  These are two fun tangles with lots of possibilities.  Also included in our tile was Knightsbridge, Flux, and Marasu.  In true Renaissance “Zentangle style” fashion, we alternated between black microns, brown microns, filled Knightsbridge with black Identipens for time-saving, and then shaded and highlighted with graphite and white chalk pencils.  Showcasing heavier shading and the white highlights really changed up the Zendalas from nice to “wow”.

Everyone did a great job.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve looked at a class mosaic where they all look so similar – not as much difference as normally found in everyone’s interpretations.  Great work!  I really enjoyed this.  It’s re-inspired me to bring out more of my Renaissance tiles and use them.

Next Up:  Introduction to Zentangle Class – Sign up now…class filling up.
Sunday, February 2nd from 1:00-3:00pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio
Don’t worry about missing the Super Bowl!
Class starts right at 1pm and ends at 3pm.
Game kicks-off at approx. 3:20pm!


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