Pre-Game Warm-up … Zentangle!

Super Bowl Sunday featured a long overdue “Introduction to Zentangle Class” at Icarus Creative Arts on a beautiful, sunny San Diego afternoon.  Six ladies joined in the festivities to start their Zentangle journeys.  After a little bit of history about Zentangle, sharing a few samples of where Zentangle can take you, we started off with the “first tile” … Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Bales.

The second tile featured a “box in a box in a box” string and included the patterns Fassett, Flux and Marasu (uncoiled).  For a little flair, we added a highlight around the outside Marasu frame with a while charcoal pencil.  All the tiles were beautiful, and just their second!  I always find it interesting how different they can be – heavy handed, lighter handed, sizes of the patterns, etc.  This is what makes Zentangle so great – no rules, just beautiful outcomes.

Once completed, the class mosaics were made and everyone could see how different the tiles were, yet all created under the same directions.We completed two tiles and were done at 3:00 … right on time to head out to enjoy the rest of the “Super” day!  Thank you to Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Mary, Julie and Kathleen for taking their first Zentangle class with me – was great to meet you all!

1st time tanglers – Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Julie & Kathleen
(Mary left for her Super Bowl party before photos were taken)

Next Up:
“Just Patterns”
(add more patterns to your tangle library)
Sunday, February 16th, Icarus Creative Arts Studio
1:00pm – 3:00pm

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