There’s nothing more disappointing than going to read a blog and seeing no new content.  And yet, that’s just how my blog has been the last month or so.  Without having classes, it seems like there’s not much to share, except my own work, and I’m not always sure that’s what someone wants to see!  But, that’s what I’m going to post here today – some of the tiles I’ve worked on lately.

We’re already one month into this New Year … time flies even when you’re not busy!  I had about a month where I just didn’t feel like drawing. I saw my Zentangle supplies on the table every day, but I didn’t have any desire to pick up a pen.  I’d even received Project Pack 12 back in December and didn’t open it until January.  That was after I sat down one day, with a blank tile, and started from scratch.  I drew four dots in the corner of my tile, added the border and made my string out of the letter Z.  I proceeded to take my “basic Zentangle class” to get my interest going again.

I’m happy to say that was the kick-start I needed, and I’ve been back at it for several weeks.  Below are some of the tiles I’ve worked on. Currently, news looks promising on the covid numbers so maybe we will be able to get back in a live classroom soon.  If all goes well, I’m hoping March will bring us together to draw a tile or two.  The Winery grounds are open again, as well as the shops, so I’ll keep you posted on any “breaking news” of a class schedule!

(from video lesson on You Tube by Romi Marks, CZT)


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