This and That ….

The last few weeks, I’ve worked on a couple projects created by Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Their websites featured these ideas so I gave them a try!

Tomomi Galeano, CZT, of “Pebbles and Drops”, has a lesson called ‘Bijou Messengers”.  You start with a standard size tile, then add a Bijou to the middle.  You can clip the edges of your standard frame making slits to insert the Bijou tiles.  Your Bijou tile can be decorated with tangles, with a message, or you can use your Bijousim cards with the words of wisdom from Bijou! 

Katrina Thiebaut, CZT, of “”,® has drawn whimsical faces using Zentangle patterns for hair for many years.  In fact, she has a trademark on her “people”.  She came up with an idea for others to create a ZenKin® tile and send in to her.  These creations are being called “ZenCousins”.®  Drawing these faces is addictive.  It’s fun to see what kind of face you can come up and then the many patterns you can chose for the hair.

Since I enjoyed both of the projects described above, I decided to incorporate them into one tile.  You can see my floral borders in the top and bottom corners, and then my Bijou tile with my Irish lassie.  I should point out that Katrina came up with assigning dates of birth to the people (using the date you draw the tile) and then giving them names.  This is fun in itself!  I introduce you to Maeve Fallon!

And, in following the March theme of St. Patrick’s Day – I pulled out a pre-strung Zendala and used a green pen and green charcoal pencil.  I shaded with the green charcoal pencil and then added some white chalk pencil for highlighting.  

If you’re interested in getting back to in-person tangling at Icarus Creative Arts, let me know.  If I get an idea of interest, I can better prepare for an upcoming schedule. Send me an email at



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