BouGht myself a present …

I was introduced to Zentangle®️ in 2013. I loved it immediately and knew I had to share this art form with others. So, in June 2014, I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, took the teacher training seminar and became certified. (CZT 14 = Certified Zentangle Teacher-14th seminar)

These seminars are usually offered a couple times a year and fill-up quickly. Covid put a stop to in-person seminars in 2020, as well as shut down in-person classes throughout the world. Many CZT’s took to on-line teaching, but this CZT did not. I decided to become a student again!

As I’ve shared in previous posts, this past year I’ve taken classes from various teachers; usually classes that would expand my knowledge to add something new to my Zentangle journey. I recently received the announcement of the next on-line teaching seminar coming up (CZT37) and right then decided … I’m taking the course again! It’s been seven years since my certification in 2014, why not treat myself and take classes from “the Masters” themselves. So … I bought myself a present! 🤓

I’ve just completed four days, with over 425 people, from over 25 different countries, and drawn 25 pieces of art! That’s a lot of hours and hand work, but I loved every minute … even having to escape to a quiet destination as roofers installed a new roof on my home! Perfect timing!

Though the seminar was virtual and on East Coast time, it was awesome. It gave me a re-charge that’s been missing since my classes came to a quick halt last year. Now, I think it’s time to pull out the calendar and get ready to once again share the passion of Zentangle with others!

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