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In the last few weeks, I’ve taken a few classes by other CZT’s.

I’ve been enjoying the “sea life Zentangle and watercolor” classes offered by Samantha Taylor of Zenlapse. This was my version of the crab class. It’s fun to learn about the watercolors, but then trying to draw the tangles with the paint brushes presents a pretty good challenge. Still trying to learn how to use the brush and the colors. Lots to learn!

Crab class – Samantha Taylor – “Zenlapse”

I’ve always admired the Zentangle art of Margaret Bremner of Canada so I couldn’t pass the chance to take a virtual class from her last week featuring “Floral Tangling with Margaret”.

“Floral Tangling with Margaret” – Margaret Bremner – “Enthusiastic Artist”

I’ve always like the embedded letters taught by Rick and Maria, so when I saw the Tangled Lettering class being offered by Susan Moen (Florida) last week, I signed up. Different than the embedded letters as you use many tangled botanical patterns to fill the letters. She also taught us the Mackintosh style alphabet. It was a lot of fun and a bit contagious – can’t stop drawing letters!

“Tangled Lettering” – Susan Moen –
“The Virtual Crystal Cave”

Lastly, I decided to combine my watercoloring skills (very limited) with the tangled lettering botanical patterns and created a non-letter ZIA combining the two techniques.

Botanical tangles with watercolor finish

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