Challenge #268 … “A Bit of Black”

I haven’t participated in the Diva’s Challenge for a while.  I’m getting in on this one a few days late … only being saved by the Canadian holiday of “Victoria Day” today.  Thank you Queen Victoria!

I created a couple tiles and couldn’t decide on just one …

The Zendala has a mass of  Jetties and looks too black.
Perhaps I went a little overboard with the “bit of black” theme?!


The second tile was loosely constructed starting with an orb in the middle.  Then I just continued to grow out using Mooka on all sides, adding Henna Drum, Poke Leaf and Flux.  Last week, I taught a class on Zendalas so I think the circular shape with Mooka was a carry-over.  I liked trying to get a Zendala feel in a free form manner … no border or string, just flowing out from the center.  I should have used a Zendala tile, but I grabbed a piece of paper I had stuffed in my journal and tangled away.  Definitely didn’t follow any basics on this one!




Mandala Meets Zendala …

Just spent a great Sunday afternoon sharing Zendalas with eight new friends at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio in the Bernardo Winery.  Had a brief show and tell to start, then we got into the circular art of the Zendala.

We used pre-strung tiles for our first attempt.  I gave a choice of a new pen (White Gelly Roll, Burgundy Le Penn or Graphic One) to each attendee.  At this stage of our class gatherings, we all have a mixed bag of pens so I was trying to bring everyone up to speed since we were going to be coloring some large black areas.  Plus, I didn’t want anyone to leave with a new pen of some kind!

I used three of the basic patterns – Hollibaugh, Poke Root/Leaf, and Purk to fill our string.  We all did the very same tile and yet, wow, how different they all look.  AND THEY ALL LOOK AWESOME!  Made me so proud to see them all.  The picture below doesn’t really do them justice as I took it from an odd angle.  But, I think you will agree how nice they all are.  Some who chose the burgundy pen, opted to use it in their tile, and it incorporated very well with the black ink.

We then started another one, but didn’t get those quite done.  I showed what patterns to fill in where.  I can’t wait to see them completed the next time we all meet.

My dear friend, Janet Masey, also a local CZT, came to my class today for the first time in my “teaching career”.  It was so awesome to have her there and to share with her just how far we have come since that day in 2013 when she introduced Zentangle to me and said … ‘let’s do this’!   Zentangle has enriched our friendship so much … and how do you improve on a friendship of forty-six years (yes, we were high school buddies … cruising the beaches of San Diego in her cute little dark green VW bug with our beach chairs hanging out the back!)

And, that is one of the things I LOVE about Zentangle … I have met and made so many wonderful friends through this experience.  It is so much fun to meet with other people who share their excitement over this art method.  I’m always looking to meet some more so come join us!


Beautiful work created by
Tess, “Judy, Judi, Judy”, Kathy, Karin, Sharon & Janet



“Patterns & Paper” …

Yesterday, I led a class entitled “Patterns & Paper” at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  Six ladies, who have recently discovered Zentangle, shared their Sunday afternoon together as we learned eight new tangle “patterns”.  The “paper” came into play when we folded Lotka paper into Beckah Krahula’s “Folders for ATC and Tiles”.

First off, we did the paper folding, creating two – one for regular tiles and then a Bijou size folder.  After learning the new patterns, each person took out a Bijou tile and created a monotangle with their choice of one of the new patterns they learned today.  Everyone went home with their Bijou Folder and one completed Bijou!  It would have been fun to make a 3.5×3.5 tile as well, but everyone was in agreement that they wanted new patterns to add to their Tangle Libraries.

It was a very good afternoon spent with new friends and followers of Zentangle!

DSC_0036Note: the Lotka paper came printed with
this nice black and white design.
We did not tangle the folders!

Challenge #262…Fassett

As usual, the first Diva Challenge of each month features a pattern created by “the tangling public”.  This months tangle was created by Lynn Mead called “Fassett”.  It looks complicated, but it is quite simple.  This is a fun pattern that can be used different ways.  I opted to do a mono-tangle for my submission this week.


Last weekend, I had the privilege of sharing an Introduction to Zentangle Basics class with six awesome ladies.  They learned eight patterns and completed two tiles.  Their first tiles look great …. and the good news …. they had fun creating them.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon and sharing many more patterns as they expand their pattern libraries.

ImageCrescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Static & Cubine

Image 1Printemps, Poke Root & Poke Leaf, Zander, Festune

Challenge #261 … Stacked!

The Diva has a guest Blogger for this week’s challenge – Jane Reiter, CZT, who has given us a “Stacked Bijou Challenge”.  When I saw it my first thought was “this will take too long”, but I got out some paper this evening and worked my way through  five layers!  I used very simple patterns as I just wanted to see if I could get this done.  I really like the idea now that I’ve put one together and will definitely give it another try when I allot myself a little more time.  I think you could really come up with some pretty pieces of art.  (This kept me away from the bag of milk chocolate Easter eggs that kept calling my name ….!)

Image 1

Cross Country Collaboration …

About a month ago, I started a “Cross Country Tile Collaboration” with CZT’s Lauryn Eldon, Charlotte Carpentier and Maria Pahos-Benson.  We each started three tiles, creating a string with four spaces.  After we filled in one of the sections, they were mailed “round robin” style to one another.   This was kind of a spin on the “Traveling Tangles Project” written about in a Certified Zentangle Teacher Facebook post.

Today, I received my original tiles back in the mail.  I LOVE THEM!  Everyone’s work is so beautiful.  How fun to see how we all interpreted the strings and what patterns we used.  I highly recommend giving this a try.


Tangled Gardens …

Made these Bijou Tangled Gardens to put in student supply kits for “Tangled Garden Class”. So fun to make and share.


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