Tangled Gardens …

Made these Bijou Tangled Gardens to put in student supply kits for “Tangled Garden Class”. So fun to make and share.


New Class Schedule …

DSC_0081I’ve scheduled new classes for April, May and June at Icarus Design Studio located on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery.  There’s a class for everyone in this mix!

Two Intro Classes are scheduled – Sunday, April 3rd and Sunday, June 5th.  In between those, a new class “Patterns and Paper” is set for Sunday, April 17th.  For those of you who have been coming to my classes, it’s time to expand your tangle libraries!  This class is about new patterns and new  papers to use for your tangling.

With May being a busy month with Mother’s Day and graduation season starting, one class is on the calendar for the 15th.  We will be tangling “In the Round”, creating beautiful Zendalas.  We will use a pre-strung tile, as well as learn how to create your own.

Besides the Intro Class on June 5th, a fun class with some color will be held on June 19th.  You’ll get an outline of a hummingbird, proceed to fill it with different patterns and then add some color.  It’s just another way to show how you can take your Zentangle method outside the 3×3 tiles and unleash your creativity!

Sign up now to save your place as seating is limited for each class.  Use the Paypal button over in the right column and you’re all set.  Hope to see you in the upcoming months!
Image 1

“Intro to Zentangle” Class …



I have three seats left for the Introduction to Zentangle Class this coming Sunday, February 21st, from 1:00-3:00pm, in the  Icarus Creative Arts studio.  Icarus is located on the grounds of the  Rancho Bernardo Winery.  This class will show you the fundamentals of Zentangle and get you started on your journey into the world of tangling!

Grab a friend and a glass of wine from the Tasting Room, then treat yourself to a couple of stress-free, fun, inspirational hours while you unleash your “inner artist”! Sign up using Paypal on the right!



ATC Swap – Hearts & Flowers …

I signed up to participate in a ATC Swap titled “Hearts & Flowers”.  You could use a heart or flower shape as your string OR use heart and flower patterns to fill your tile.  I opted for the Diva Dance pattern (“Rock n Roll”) and created my version of “Tangled Roses”!  Red and pink were the only colors that could be used besides traditional black.  They’re calling out for some green, but I’m sticking to the guidelines for the Swap!



Challenge #253 … “Molygon”

Zentangle introduced a new pattern recently … “Molygon”.  The Diva has challenged us to use this pattern in our work for this week.  It’s a fun one to draw, but takes a little practice.  Sometimes I found my “molygons” were too skinny or too fat, not just right.  Then I discovered that if you mix them all up, it makes for a more interesting tile! Enjoy all the other entries on the Diva’s website.

If you would like to give these patterns and many, many more a try, sign up for my “Introduction to Zentangle” Class coming up on February 21st at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio, located in the Bernardo Winery.  Grab yourself a friend and a glass of wine, and come learn how to unleash your “inner artist”!  Sign up now using Paypal … over on the right!



Sharing Friendship & Zentangle …

Yesterday I met with Lauryn Eldon, a CZT from Massachusetts.  She’s been in La Jolla “wintering” for the month of January. With her time almost up, and heading back to “real winter”, what better way to share a day of tangling in San Diego than by the water.  We set up shop at an outdoor table at Mission Bay Yacht Club and tangled Zendalas.  It was such a nice quiet time, without the weekend crowds, enjoying good weather and friendly conversation.

The world of Zentangle has introduced me to so many new friends.  I thoroughly enjoy getting together with every one of them to share our love of Zentangle. It took me a long time to find something I’m super passionate about, but it was worth the wait.   Sign up and take a class if you haven’t yet.  Maybe you’ll find your passion too!

Image 2
Lauryn’s on the left; Susan’s on the right

ImageI did this one today – excited to try more!

Animal Farm …

Today, I had the pleasure of teaching my “Tangled Pets” class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  What a great time and class we had.  Five ladies joined the fun and created pets/animals of their choice.  Let’s see … had a Pit Bull, Great Dane, Bichon, Cat, Owl and Australian Shepherd.  A Tiger should have joined us, but one of us was missing …  D.J. – we missed you!

Our work was done on Opus Tiles – 10″x 10″.  It can be intimidating to use this size when all we’ve ever used are the smaller 3.5″x3.5″, but when you apply the basic principles of Zentangle, no problem!  We used patterns that were familiar to all so we were almost able to finish our projects within the two hours.  Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Printemps, Keeko, Bales, Knightsbridge, Flux and Zander made up the patterns.  I also showed them how to transfer a picture onto their tiles so next time they can be even more creative with their animal and tangle selections.

Next up, is an Intro Class for those of you who want to get in on this action (February 21st), then a “Tangled Garden” on March 21st to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Thanks Sharon, Tess, Linda, Terry and Candy … I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did.  Was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in January!

Here is their work – absolutely beautiful … and for some, only their second class!

Image 1
Pit Bull by Candy

Image 2
Great Dane by Terry

Image 3
Bichon by Linda

Cat by Sharon

Image 4
Owl by Tess

Image 5
Aussie by Susan (prior to class)


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