Challenge #237 … “Charkat”

This weeks challenge has been created by one of our So Cal favorites, Charlotte Carpentier … Charkat!  We have a great group of CZT’s in the San Diego County/Temecula area and Charlotte is one them.  I’m always intrigued by her incredible knowledge of everything art … paper, pens, tools, you name it.  She now has her own store/studio in Temecula which is awesome.  Many of us have ventured up the Interstate to visit … can’t wait for a return trip.

In April, our local group hosted a one day “Day on the Bay” meet-up at Mission Bay Yacht Club.  Charlotte presented the 24 attendees this very same project.  She brought all the tools and tiles and demonstrated how to create beautiful pieces of work using stains and stencils.

While I knew I wanted to participate and support my fellow CZT 14 friend, I’m sad to say I don’t own any stencils, but I did have a mini spray bottle!  I collected a couple leaves from the yard then used some chai tea and coffee to make my string.  The fluids weren’t dark enough to do much damage, but the leaves did show quite nicely so I chose to fill them  in.  Not my best but I tried several times to color the tile and it just wasn’t working for me.  And, on second thought, I think I should have tangled around the stencils and maybe things would have shown up clearer.  Anyway, I did learn something from this challenge …. I need some real stencils!  Charlotte … any in the store? … a must purchase on my next visit to Charkat’s Creative Insanity!


Beyond Basics Class ..

index_sign_leftThere are a few seats left in the Beyond Basics class this Sunday, October 4th at Icarus from 1-3pm. If you’ve had your Intro Class you are ready to continue your Zentangle journey … new patterns, new string ideas, different materials and pens … come add to your Zentangle library. Sign up now using the recently added PayPal Buy Now feature. Hope to see YOU on Sunday!

Challenge #236…”Tangle Unexpected”

Our challenge this week was to tangle on something we wouldn’t normally use.  It just so happened that last week I picked up this leaf from outside my office.  It just sort of struck me … “hmmm I’m going to tangle on this”.  I brought it home, but forgot about it for a couple days.  When I decided to use it, I found it had gotten pretty crispy so I sprayed it with some water and then ironed it flat!  With all the veins, it was kind of difficult to tangle on, patterns are a bit messy, but it really was fun to try something different.  Going to grab a few more and see how they turn out.  See all the other creative ideas on the Diva’s site.


Keeping Cool at Icarus …

It has been so HOT in San Diego, that an afternoon spent in the cool air-conditioned studio at Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery was just what seven of us needed today!  So nice, quiet and peaceful –  but with lots of excitement and energy as new people were introduced to Zentangle.  Look at their work … all very good students!

Looking forward to welcoming them back to continue their Zentangle Journey with “Beyond the Basics” classes scheduled for October 4th, November 1st and December 6th.  Thanks to Mary Sue, Debbie, Torrie, Marguerite, Rebecca and Heather for a fun afternoon.

Image 1          Image

Interest has been high for the Intro Classes as well so if you haven’t had your Intro yet, sign up now for Sunday, October 11th.  Space is limited.

As much as I don’t want to post this here, I find I must – remember that there is a 48-hour cancellation policy if you cannot attend a class.  This class was full with twelve people enrolled, but with late cancellations and no-shows, only six came.  I had a waiting list that would have allowed others to enjoy the cool, air-conditioned studio this afternoon.  Please keep this in mind so that I can share my passion for Zentangle with all who are interested!  Thank you.

Due to High Demand! ….

DSC_0111I’ve had a great response to my Introduction to Zentangle Basics classes, that I’ve added an additional class for Sunday, October 11th, from 1pm-3pm, at Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery.   Once you’ve completed the Intro Class, you are ready to enroll in the other upcoming “Beyond the Basics” classes that are scheduled for November & December.  Of course, I will try my best to accommodate anyone wanting to take an Intro Class …. that’s just how this one on the 11th of October came to be!  Let me know if we need to look at an alternative location to begin YOUR Zentangle journey if you’re unable to make it to Icarus.

Looking forward to seeing new faces and returning faces!  Any questions, let me know.

Fall/Winter Classes Scheduled…

IMG_0744I have confirmed the dates for NEW classes at Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery for October 4th, November 1st and December 6th.  All classes are held on Sunday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:00pm.   These will all be “Beyond the Basics” classes where you will learn new patterns, new techniques and add to your supplies.

The only requirement is that you have already completed the Intro to Zentangle Class.  If you haven’t done that yet, you have a chance on Sunday, September 20th from 1:00-3:00pm at Icarus.  If you can’t make that class on the 20th, and want to attend the “Beyond Basics” classes, send me an email and I’ll arrange to give you that first class.

Remember that seating is limited so sign up early.  Class fee is $30.00 plus $10.00 materials fee for total of $40.00.  You will receive new supplies in the new classes, but you still need to bring your “mini kits” that were handed out in the first class!  Any questions, just ask.

Sign up at:

Hope to see you soon!

Challenge #232 … Audio vs Betweed

Our guest Diva this week is Holly Atwater.  Holly has created Audio Zentangle Meditations and challenged us to use one of those or the pattern of Betweed, or both.  I opted to do both as Betweed is a pattern that gives me trouble.  It never seems to look right when I’m done with it.  Not to be left out, I also listened to Audio Zentangle #3.

Confession … I listened to #3 and did have a little trouble following.  Holly’s voice was very soothing and easy to listen to.  I just couldn’t grasp what I was supposed to do – I need visuals.  So, I did what I was told not to do – I cheated.  I took a peak at what the others had created and whoa … there was Meer.  I love Meer.  How couldn’t I not figure that out!  Oh well, as I said, I enjoyed listening to Holly’s voice and did listen to the other two Audios.

It’s been a fun summer with all the guest contributors.  Thanks to all of you who stepped in for Laura and took the time to do these.  This “tangler” appreciates all your efforts and time in putting these together!

Visit all the other entries on the Diva’s blog.


Right=Audio Zentangle Meditation #3


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