“Accent on Autumn”

Today, at Icarus Creative Arts, I had the opportunity to share Zentangle with six lovely ladies.  These ladies have been following my classes for quite some time now and I’m very appreciative of their time in allowing me to share Zentangle with them.

The class this afternoon focused on Autumn.  I gave them a choice of paper.  They then could chose their choice on pens – black or brown, or a mix of both.  I gave them each a Sycamore tree leaf to trace on to their selected medium and a selection of patterns that I felt worked well with this.

We divided our leaves into eight sections and filled them with various patterns – Flux, N’zepple, Printemps, Tipple, Poke Root, Mooka, Tagh, etc.  When done, some opted to add colored pencil, while others added a little Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pen.  Each person received a black Zendala matte to frame their piece of Autumn.

Once again, we all used the same pattern, and look how different they all turned out.  Thanks again ladies – was a very nice afternoon spent at the Winery with you all!

img_1546Tess & Liliana

img_1547Judy & Judi


(unfinished beautiful work)

Challenge #291 … “Happy Halloween”

This week’s Diva Challenge was in honor of Halloween.  There are so many ways to tangle and involve patterns that fit for this holiday, but I chose just one (and a little Msst).  And it’s one of my favorites!

My tile features “Kunstler” created by Margaret Bremner.  I just love these crazy shapes, and like to see how different they can be made depending on the original lines.  Add a few eyeballs, and it looks like these guys are huddled up and waiting for what’s coming next!



Challenge #289 … “Leafy Goodness”

Here is my quick entry for this week’s “Diva Challenge … Leafy Goodness”.  I’m off to Central California to celebrate my father-in-law’s 90th birthday so not a lot of time for posting this morning!

With Fall in full swing, the subject this week centered on all the beautiful colors associated with the leaves of the season.  I reversed the colors on my tile, using it on the background.  This was applied with Tombo markers and blending pen.  I don’t think it’s visible from this photo, but when I finished I sprayed Imagine Crafts Shimmermist on top of my work.  It added such a nice accent.  I’ve never used the Shimmermist before and I’m afraid I might go crazy with it!  Perfect touch for the upcoming holidays!



Challenge #288 … “Simply Gourdgeous”

The Diva Challenge this week was to use the Zentangle pattern, “Gourdgeous”, a perfect pattern for Autumn.  I taught a pattern class last weekend and this was one of the patterns I introduced to the students.  I had to assure them that it takes a little practice to get the shaping right, but that all gourds are not created equal!

My whole life, October 1st has been my favorite day of the year.  Living by the water, I see a difference in the colors and smells around me … it just feels “fresh”.  Could it also be because my birthday is this month and I think we gravitate to the season in which we were born?  Scorpios rule!

And, because I love Fall, this challenge was a fun one for me.

img_1494Patterns used: Gourdgeous, Zander, Flux and Asclep (Cheryl Lees Haley)

“Just Patterns!” …

dsc_0009It seems that most classes offer a few new patterns to go along with “the theme of the day”.  This Sunday, October 9th, my class will center on “Just Patterns” so you can concentrate on learning several new tangles and adding them to your tangle library. The next time you want to create a “themed” tile, or ZIA, you’ll have more patterns to chose from!


Introduction to Zentangle Class ….

dsc_0111It’s only Week #4, but if you’re tired of watching the San Diego Chargers already, come treat yourself to an “Introduction to Zentangle” class this coming Sunday, October 2nd from 1pm-3pm.  The class is being held at the Icarus Design Studio on the grounds of the Benardo Winery.  It’s a great place to visit with lots of shops, restaurants, AND live music and dancing on the Tasting Room Patio all afternoon.

Zentangle is a fun and easy way to create beautiful art, as well as helping you unwind and destress from a busy life.   Absolutely zero art experience is necessary so don’t let that stop you.  In fact, you will surprise yourself at what you can create in just this one lesson.

There are three seats left as of September 28th.  Hope to see you Sunday! 

Challenge #285 … “Relax Bro”

The Diva challenged us to get to the “zen” of our Zentangle practice and just let it go ….  In other words, she challenged us to get back to the basic of Zentangle – the pen, the tile and you.  So many people have to create the “perfect” tile to put on display which creates tension and stress.  The whole point of Zentangle is to relax.

I like to think that is how I always practice Zentangle.  I’m not into creating great works of art – I like my little 3.5×3.5 tile and am amazed at the patterns I can create.  I do this because it brings me joy and into a very peaceful space.  Trying to create all the stuff to impress other people just isn’t for me.  And this is how I like to share Zentangle with my students – the pure, simple process of Zentangle.

I sat in my backyard next to to the fountain, listening to the birds and water.  I also live right by the ocean so the sounds of the gulls and water added to the atmosphere.  I have to admit my yard is very peaceful so it’s pretty  hard not to relax and get into the “zen” of tangling.   All these sounds guided me to Mooka -the constant motion of the pen without raising it was nice and quiet.  It’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of thought – just go and flow …. much like the sea.  This was a great Challenge that I enjoyed lot.



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