Weekly Challenge #222 … “Colors of the Rainbow”

This week the Diva Challenge called for using color … “Colors of the Rainbow”.  I always like to use color so this challenge was fun to create.  I’ve included Antidots, Flux, Meer, Msst, and Poke Leaf patterns on my tile with watercolor pencils. DSC_0003 As noted in my previous post, I’ve schedule a “Introduction to Zentangle” class at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery in the historic Bernardo Winery in the San Diego area.  I needed to create examples for their “class table” so I’ve put together the following.  Here’s hoping it gets people excited to take the journey!  I’m excited to show them the way …


New Class @ Icarus Creative Arts Studio …

I have finalized plans to teach an “Introduction to Zentangle Basics Class” at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery in the historic Bernardo Winery!  The class will be held on Sunday, July 19th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  The cost is $40.00 which index_sign_leftincludes all supplies for this two hour workshop.  Come early and enjoy lunch at the Winery or stay late and have a glass of wine or two in the Tasting Room!  You won’t be disappointed by this very unique location. Come begin your Zentangle journey at Icarus!

Sign up now to reserve your seat at tanglesbythesea@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!  Any questions, contact me at the same email address.

Monday Zentangle Club …

Our group in San Diego meets the second Monday of each month to share three hours of Zentangle.  Sometimes we do simple projects like “community tiles” where we section our tiles off into the number of people in attendance, then pass them around in the circle and fill in one space each.  Other times, someone will lead the gathering and share something new and fun ….

Like this week.  Rho Densmore (along with her cohorts Linda and Gina), showed us all about alcohol inks.  Me, not being a “crafter”, thought I can’t do this.  But, once she showed us the steps, it was so much fun!    We had two glossy, white ceramic tiles to play with – applying the inks and then tangling with Identipens.  Now the mystery is how to seal them.  One cool thing about it, if you don’t like it, just take some rubbing alcohol and remove it.  Confession … which I did today with one of my Monday tiles.

I came home from Michael’s and cleaned off that tile, then went to work applying all my new inks.  Made a few attempts and then got one I really liked. Did a little ocean scene on it, but my Identipen bled in a few spots.  I know it was dry, but maybe not all the way underneath where the inks were layered.  Fun afternoon quick project.

This would be a fun class to teach.  Need to perfect my own skills first though.  Thanks Rho for sharing!

10406658_10207340776816898_9197039211349757204_n DSC_0001 2


“Jubilee’s Love Actually” … ?

What’s up with that title you might ask … well, that is the registered name of my adorable Australian Shepherd, Olivia.  Thought I’d share a ZIA I made of an Aussie in honor of her and her breed.

A fellow Tangler here in San Diego shared some beautiful pieces of art that she had done for her family.  She had tangled a picture for everyone in the family who had a pet, using their breed as the template.  They were so inspiring (and awesome) that I had to come home and do one of my own!  Thanks Wendy Grey!

This was my result.


New Friends …

One of the bonuses I’ve received from embarking on my Zentangle journey has been the new friends I have made.  Recently, I was contacted by a new CZT who was going to be in the La Jolla area for a few days and wondered if I’d be teaching any classes.  I wasn’t, but I thought it would still be fun to get together and share “our stories”.  So a lunch date was made … and I took the opportunity to invite other CZT’s from here in San Diego to join us.

Last Monday, Lauryn Eldon, CZT #18 from Massachusetts, met fellow CZT’s Suzanne Wilka (#4), Denise Knobloch (#8) and myself (#14) for a very enjoyable couple hours of lunch and Zentangle talk!  I realized that never in a million years would I have invited a “stranger” to have lunch with me … but knowing the Zentangle community through seminar and my local friends, I really looked forward to meeting Lauryn and sharing San Diego stories with her.

She shared a couple awesome books that she makes … two sizes for Zentangle … one for regular tiles and one for Bijous.  I couldn’t help but buy the beautiful green and purple book for my Bijous.  The other ladies couldn’t help themselves either!  Nice bonus for our lunch time visit – shopping while seated at our table.  It was a great afternoon spent with my Zentangle friends …

DSC_0001      DSC_0002

Leldon Designs
handcrafted creations – each one unique

Zentangle on the Bay … San Diego

A great day was had by all who attended “Zentangle on the Bay” in San Diego on Saturday, April 25th.  Held at Mission Bay Yacht Club, 24 guests enjoyed a full day of comraderie, learning, good eats and tangling!  Awesome “swag boxes” awaited all who came and several “projects” made the day just perfect.  If you missed this one, make a point of coming out next time.  We know how to have a good time! DSC_0007



New April Classes Scheduled …

DSC_0111 Classes have been scheduled for April  …. “Beyond the Basics” at Paper Tales in the Pt. Loma area of San Diego. Sunday, April 12th from 1-3pm, we’ll explore new patterns, add a new pen to your “collection”, and create some beautiful art!

If you haven’t tried Zentangle yet, I have a “Basic Zentangle” class coming up on Sunday, April 19th from 1-3pm.  Learn what it’s all about and start your Zentangle journey.  No experience necessary – don’t be afraid because it’s “art” – everyone can do this! Paper Tales is very easy to get too, and a really nice setting for a class.

Remember too … you receive 15% off anything you purchase in the store that day! Call the store at 619/222-2510 and put your name on the list today. Hope to see you in a couple weeks!

Challenge #209 … “Saint Paddy’s”

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week, the Diva challenged us to create a “green tile – watercolor, pens, crayons, green tea, whatever you wanted as long as you used a bit o’ the green!  Here’s mine … better late than never!  I pulled out a pre-strung tile for my canvas, then a green Sakura micron and shaded with a green Derwent colored pencil.




Challenge #208 … “Duotangle” – Cubine vs Pokeroot

This week the Diva challenged us to a “duotangle”!  Translation …. use two patterns and two patterns only to create your amazing tile for the week!  This time she asked us to use Cubine and Pokeroot.  I’m very experienced at using Pokeroot as it’s one of my favorites.  But, Cubine … that was another story.

How lucky was it that our San Diego Zentangle Group met last Monday for our “once-a-month” gathering.  We were lucky to have SIX CZT’s attending!  Yes, our group is growing.  We’ve even extended our meeting time from two hours to three.  Two hours just isn’t enough time to visit, share and create.  Suzanne Wilka gave a couple of us a quick ‘lesson’ on Cubine.  Now that I’ve done it, I think I like it.  I’ll definitely be adding it to future work!

DSC_0001Cubine and Pokeroot on a ATC Zentangle Tile


Sign Up Today ….


Next class …. “Beyond the Basics” at Paper Tales in the Pt. Loma area of San Diego.  Sunday, March 22nd from 1-3pm, we’ll explore new patterns, add a new pen to your “collection”, and create some beautiful art!  Paper Tales is very easy to get too, and a really nice setting for a class.  Remember too … you receive 15% off anything you purchase in the store that day!  Call the store at 619/222-2510 and put your name on the list today.  Hope to see you in a couple weeks!

Challenge #204 … “Valentangle”

This week’s Diva Challenge fit right in with a class I led a couple weeks ago (see my last post).  I taught a Zentangle Basics class for a group of eleven ladies who gather each month or so to craft together.  One of them had taken my “Basics” class at Paper Tales last November and thought it would be fun to introduce to her group.  We had a great time – for three hours – tangling, eating and tangling!

I took them through the usual two tiles/eight patterns and then gave them a watercolor-washed tile in pinks/reds with an outlined heart.  They then proceeded to create a string within their hearts and use the patterns they learned earlier that day.  Lots of fun and they really got into by then.  One of them had brought card-making supplies so several took the opportunity to add their tile to the cards and create a beautiful Valentine.

I had a left over tile so did one myself.  Here it is using crescent moon, flux, hollibaugh, tipple and echoism.

Take a look at all the other Diva Challenge entries this week on the Diva’s website.  So many creative people!  Happy Valentine’s Day all ….


“Zentangle Basics” ….

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to teach Zentangle to a group of eleven ladies who gather once a month for miscellaneous crafting activities.  One of them, Carol, had taken a class from me at Paper Tales and subsequently invited me to come speak to her group.  These ladies know how to have fun.   We started at 10:00am, gave the history of Zentangle, shared some stories and then we made our first tile.  Then, we had to break for lunch.  They go all out … quiches, salads, drinks and dessert!

After lunch I taught them four more patterns so we could complete our second tile.  Because this was going to be a three hour class, I also prepared an extra tile that I had washed with water colors in pinks and reds.  I then outlined a heart and gave one to each lady.  I asked them to draw a string inside their heart and then fill in with the patterns they learned that morning.  It was great.  And, by this tile, they were all so quiet while putting down their patterns.  They finally got it!  I had a great time and hope some of them will continue on their Zentangle journey. Image 1 Image

Thanks to Carol and Karen for hosting this fun day of creating!

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