“Just Patterns!” …

dsc_0009It seems that most classes offer a few new patterns to go along with “the theme of the day”.  This Sunday, October 9th, my class will center on “Just Patterns” so you can concentrate on learning several new tangles and adding them to your tangle library. The next time you want to create a “themed” tile, or ZIA, you’ll have more patterns to chose from!


Introduction to Zentangle Class ….

dsc_0111It’s only Week #4, but if you’re tired of watching the San Diego Chargers already, come treat yourself to an “Introduction to Zentangle” class this coming Sunday, October 2nd from 1pm-3pm.  The class is being held at the Icarus Design Studio on the grounds of the Benardo Winery.  It’s a great place to visit with lots of shops, restaurants, AND live music and dancing on the Tasting Room Patio all afternoon.

Zentangle is a fun and easy way to create beautiful art, as well as helping you unwind and destress from a busy life.   Absolutely zero art experience is necessary so don’t let that stop you.  In fact, you will surprise yourself at what you can create in just this one lesson.

There are three seats left as of September 28th.  Hope to see you Sunday! 

Challenge #285 … “Relax Bro”

The Diva challenged us to get to the “zen” of our Zentangle practice and just let it go ….  In other words, she challenged us to get back to the basic of Zentangle – the pen, the tile and you.  So many people have to create the “perfect” tile to put on display which creates tension and stress.  The whole point of Zentangle is to relax.

I like to think that is how I always practice Zentangle.  I’m not into creating great works of art – I like my little 3.5×3.5 tile and am amazed at the patterns I can create.  I do this because it brings me joy and into a very peaceful space.  Trying to create all the stuff to impress other people just isn’t for me.  And this is how I like to share Zentangle with my students – the pure, simple process of Zentangle.

I sat in my backyard next to to the fountain, listening to the birds and water.  I also live right by the ocean so the sounds of the gulls and water added to the atmosphere.  I have to admit my yard is very peaceful so it’s pretty  hard not to relax and get into the “zen” of tangling.   All these sounds guided me to Mooka -the constant motion of the pen without raising it was nice and quiet.  It’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of thought – just go and flow …. much like the sea.  This was a great Challenge that I enjoyed lot.



Oceans, Gardens & Frogs …

Had a fun evening doing a little “organic ocean” tangling with Judy and Julie the other night.  I’ve met with them a few times now, creating some fun “stuff”.  We’ve done our pets, an “organic garden” and now, this time, our little ocean ZIA.  This class, I pre-watercolored Apprentice tiles and Bijous.  We first completed the larger tile, then I wanted to show them how they can take the very same tangles and create a smaller one on the Bijou.  Lots of fun!

Looking forward to our next get-together!

fullsizerenderPatterns – Rixty, Squid, Coral Seeds, Angelfish, Phycops, Printemps, Cruffle, Fescue, Tipple

I’ve also had an “Organic Garden” class last weekend with Laurie and Karin.  As I  often do, I forgot to take pictures of our completed work.  Karin had to leave a  little early so she completed hers at home then sent me a picture.  She wanted to create a “tree” on her tile and came up with her own (right side of paper).  Very nice.   (We did these on Strathmore Artagain paper.)


I had been playing with gardens prior to the class, as well as checking out my new Suzanne McNeill “Floribunda Woodland” book.  Lots of little embellishments for Zentangle ZIA’s.  Since I was doing a garden, I picked out a little frog and put him in the “pond”.  Gave him a little color just for fun!  Check out Suzanne’s book if you have a chance.  There’s also a “Floribunda Basics” with lots of flowers, vines, leaves, etc.  As I said, little embellishment ideas!



New Fall Schedule ….

DSC_0001The Fall Schedule is now posted for those interested in an upcoming class.  There’s a little bit of everything – with the season about to change and all the festivities that go with it.

September 4th has just been added to the calendar as an “Organic Garden” class in the Pacific Beach office.  For those of you not wanting to drive all the way to Rancho Bernardo, this location might suit you better.  The class time is a little earlier as well, 11:00am-1:00pm.  Sign up now as space is limited.

Our “Day at the Bay Zentangle Retreat” on September 17th is a sell-out!  Fifty people have signed up to share an entire day learning new tangling techniques, making new friends and winning awesome raffle prizes!  Really looking forward to seeing everyone that day.

October 2nd will feature an “Introduction Class” for those of you wanting to see what this is “all about”.  The class will be held at the inspiring Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  This is a great location for a class and a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Bring your friends for a little shopping, a little wine, and a little “art”.

October 9th is “Pattern Play” at Icarus.  This two hour class will be for those who’ve already completed an Intro Class and just want to add to their pattern library.  This will be patterns, patterns, and more patterns.

November 13th will focus on my favorite season, Autumn, with patterns, colors and surprises for those of you who have been tangling with me this past year.  My turn to say “thank you” for letting me share my passion for Zentangle and the new friends I have made.

I will end the year on December 11th with “Holiday Tangling”.  There will be a fun holiday project to complete, but just remember – I’m not a crafter so it will not involve cutting, gluing, folding, etc. – just our usual Zentangle supplies!

More details on the classes can be found on the Class Description Page. Sign up early as seating is limited at all classes.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Remember … If you would like something more specialized for yourself and/or a group, contact me and we’ll set something up that is more to your liking.

… Anything is possible …

 Hope to see YOU in the upcoming months!

Pictures included in postings do not necessarily
represent what will actually be completed in class

Sharing Some Renaissance ….

This weekend’s class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio featured Renaissance tiles using black and brown microns as well as white pencils.  Three of the students were back for just their second class so they jumped right in to something very different than the Intro Class of just a couple weeks ago.

We did create a border and string, which was just a simple “roadway” from corner to corner on the tile, leaving us with three spaces to tangle.  The use of Flukes, Flux and an “uncoiled” Marasu filled the tile.  I personally seem to always fill my string space, but this design left some “brown” space that I really think enhanced the art work.  Love them!

We did a second tile using only Aquafleur, but, as usual, I neglected to take photos as I was so excited about the completed work, it just didn’t happen.  Enjoy the photos!


IMG_1441(This was our second tile, but done on a Renaissance Tile)

Organic Garden Fun ….

Last night I met with Judy and Julie and we created these beautiful “organic gardens”. I’ve been teaching my garden classes using color and apprentice tiles, but this time I opted for the organic garden used by many of the other CZT’s with toned paper, black micron, and white pencil.  I used Strathmore Artagain toned drawing paper and gave them a choice of color to use.  As it turned out, we all selected different colors.  I’m loving the results of all three of these.

We spent the first hour learning new patterns, then we incorporated these into our gardens.  I’ll definitely be doing this class again.   Enjoy!

IMG_1431Created by Judy

IMG_1433Created by Julie (just her 2nd Zentangle class!)

IMG_1432Created by “me”

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