Providence, Rhode Island …

I’ve just returned from four days in Providence, Rhode Island where I received my Certified Zentangle Certificate! What a great time with all the other newbie CZT’s. I met people from all over the US and Canada who share the same passion for this art method.  Now it’s time to begin “sharing” the passion ….





Weekly Challenge #170 … “Bugles”

Challenge #170 features the pattern created by Joyce Evans called “Bugles”.  I decided to make myself a quick bookmark instead of using the regular tile.  This pattern took some practice … as do all of them, at least for me.  There are a lot of really cool submissions by others for this pattern.  Head over to the Diva’s website and take a peek.

Getting excited about my trip to Providence in two weeks for the CZT Seminar!  Can’t believe it’s been almost eight months since I registered and now the time is just around the corner.


Weekly Challenge #169 …. Circles

The Diva Challenge began today, which is Memorial Day here in the USA.

A little tidbit about me …. I was born in Trail, BC, Canada, but moved to the US when I was about five years old.  My father was a professional hockey player so we went from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland to San Diego during his playing career.  Even though I’ve lived in the States since I was five, I only became a naturalized US Citizen seven years ago!  That was about forty-some years of being a Canadian living in the USA (legally of course!).  I have my red, white and blue to fly on special days like today so thought it an appropriate backdrop for my “Circle” tile this week.

As always, check out the Diva’s website to see all the creative pieces made by others this week for Challenge #169.


Weekly Challenge #168 …. Rain

The Diva assigned us the pattern of “Rain” for this week’s challenge.  Never used it before, so looked it up and practiced a bit.  Kind of like it – sometimes these types of patterns are too “rigid” for me.  I like the more organic, curvier shapes.  I decided to try another pattern that I’ve never used before and add to this tile.  Here is my entry for this week using Rain, Phicops, Msst and Sand Swirl.

To see lots of creative pieces from others, head over to the Diva’s website for the other entries to Challenge #168.


A Little Sunday Zentangle ….

Once a month, four or five of us get together and spend a couple hours focusing on Zentangle.  We rotate the hosting duties, which really only includes having a space for us to gather and maybe a simple snack and/or beverage.  Sometimes a project has been planned in advance by the hostess; other times, we decide at meeting time.  A few of us are die-hard Zentangle enthusiasts, while the others partake this one time a month.  It’s turned out to be a fun group and something we all look forward to.

Today, I hosted the gathering of four.  I got out my “blue box” (Zentangle® kit) and decided that we would each roll the icosahedron one time, giving us four patterns to work with.  We drew our own strings, dividing our tiles into four spaces.  We then proceeded to use the four patterns and fill in our own tiles.  It’s so fun to see how they all turn out … so different and yet we all used the same patterns.  Here’s a picture of our finished work.


Tangle patterns used were Chartz, Flukes, Flux & Mist

(Top row: Patty, Susan – Bottom row: Janet, Elaine)

Diva Challenge #167 … “Well & Punzel”

This week’s Diva Challenge was a “duo tangle” – create your tile using just the two patterns, Well and Punzel.  Here’s my entry for the week.  Visit the Diva Challenge website to see how others interpreted these two patterns together.


Diva Challenge #166 … “Use My Tangle”

The first Monday of each month, is a UMT Challenge (Use My Tangle), where the challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by one of the Challenge participants.  So far, this tangle is “unnamed”, but I’m sure by the time the week is over, it will have its official title.  The Use My Tangle this month was created by Laura Harms – The Diva herself!

I really agree with the name of these weekly “undertakings” – CHALLENGE.  This was another one for me.  Don’t know why it just never looked right.  I attempted to do a little shading, but …. gotta keep on practicing!  Head over to the Diva’s website and see how creative the other Tanglers were.  It’s exciting each week to see how everyone incorporates the different patterns on their tiles.



Diva Challenge #165 … “Camelia”

This week’s challenge was to use the pattern “Camelia”  created by Ann Marks.  This pattern had me practicing over and over before I could figure out which direction I was supposed to go!  Needless to say, I’m not much of a “grid” person, so I had grids drawn all over my practice paper many times, even using a ruler!!!  But, in my quest to complete the challenges every week, I was bound and determined that I would get something done.  Not sure I succeeded fully in this one, but I’ll just keep practicing until I can get it all put together.

To see how creative others were with this pattern, check out the Diva’s blog for all the entries.


Weekly Challenge #164 …. Earth Day

Tuesday is Earth Day so our Diva Challenge this week will honor this day.  Head over to the Diva’s website and see how creative everyone has been with this challenge. 


My Salute to Mother Earth!


Nine Tile Set ….

My nine tile “curvy” Zentangle set …. think I’ll keep the rest of the space open.  Now I just need to get brave enough to start shading!



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