Diva Challenge #167 … “Well & Punzel”

This week’s Diva Challenge was a “duo tangle” – create your tile using just the two patterns, Well and Punzel.  Here’s my entry for the week.  Visit the Diva Challenge website to see how others interpreted these two patterns together.


Diva Challenge #166 … “Use My Tangle”

The first Monday of each month, is a UMT Challenge (Use My Tangle), where the challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by one of the Challenge participants.  So far, this tangle is “unnamed”, but I’m sure by the time the week is over, it will have its official title.  The Use My Tangle this month was created by Laura Harms – The Diva herself!

I really agree with the name of these weekly “undertakings” – CHALLENGE.  This was another one for me.  Don’t know why it just never looked right.  I attempted to do a little shading, but …. gotta keep on practicing!  Head over to the Diva’s website and see how creative the other Tanglers were.  It’s exciting each week to see how everyone incorporates the different patterns on their tiles.



Diva Challenge #165 … “Camelia”

This week’s challenge was to use the pattern “Camelia”  created by Ann Marks.  This pattern had me practicing over and over before I could figure out which direction I was supposed to go!  Needless to say, I’m not much of a “grid” person, so I had grids drawn all over my practice paper many times, even using a ruler!!!  But, in my quest to complete the challenges every week, I was bound and determined that I would get something done.  Not sure I succeeded fully in this one, but I’ll just keep practicing until I can get it all put together.

To see how creative others were with this pattern, check out the Diva’s blog for all the entries.


Weekly Challenge #164 …. Earth Day

Tuesday is Earth Day so our Diva Challenge this week will honor this day.  Head over to the Diva’s website and see how creative everyone has been with this challenge. 


My Salute to Mother Earth!


Nine Tile Set ….

My nine tile “curvy” Zentangle set …. think I’ll keep the rest of the space open.  Now I just need to get brave enough to start shading!



Weekly Challenge #163 … “Rixty”

This week’s challenge was to use the new pattern “Rixty”.  This pattern took me a while to figure out – kept wanting to put points where they didn’t belong!   After trying a few different step-outs provided on-line, I managed to come up with my version – as usual – with an underwater theme.  I threw in a couple “Angelfish”, which I discovered I hadn’t been drawing totally the correct way.  They looked good to me before, but now I like the improved version!  I even tried a little shading …. but that is a whole new realm that I have barely entered into.

If you would like to see the amazing creations done by others using “Rixty”, head over to I Am The Diva’s website and see how beautiful and creative they all are, and so different.


A Lazy Sunday Afternoon …

Decided that while I was just sitting around today, being lazy, I should do a little tangling.  Starting to feel “the pressure” that I need to hone up on some of my skills before I attend the CZT Seminar in June!  So, I did a little “practicing” while also watching The Masters golf tournament.  It was a very nice afternoon after a busy week of preparing for a bridal shower that I co-hosted yesterday.  I figured I deserved this quiet day.  


Diva Challenge #162 …

“Use Your Initials” …. After a couple months of non-participation in the weekly Diva Challenge, I finally made myself commit to getting it done this week.  The challenge was to use your initials as your “string”. For my non-Zentangle friends, a string is the name applied to a random line drawn in pencil which creates an area within which you draw your tangles” (excerpt from Glossary of Terms on Zentangle web site)It took me a couple tries to figure out how to layout my initials – SB – as they don’t make a very nice shape, in my opinion!  I finally got one that I liked and the result is below. If you want to see what other people created using their initials, check out the Diva’s website  and take a look.  There are so many creative people out there, from all over the world, participating.  Fun to see what everyone comes up with.


 The initials “S and B”



All You Need ….

Some of my friends have been asking me what I use to make these little “Zentangle Inspired Art” drawings and that’s the best thing about Zentangle® …

All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil and a pen!  Zentangle is done on paper that measures 3.5″x3.5″ (known as a “tile”).  You need a pencil (any kind will do) and then a Sakura® Pigma™ Micron pen size 01.  That’s it.  You can see in my picture, I have a little bag to carry it all in.  This makes your supplies convenient and portable so you can take it anywhere you go.

I was introduced to Zentangle at a time when I was having issues with anxiety.  When I read the following excerpt from the Zentangle website describing one of the ways people use the Zentangle method, relaxation, I really wanted to give it a try.  My friend, Janet Masey, Tiki Tangles, invited eight of her friends over to her home, including Rho Densmore, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  Rho shared the history of Zentangle, showed us books and her drawings, and then taught us four simple patterns.   By the time our class was over, we had all created two tiles using the same patterns, but all looking so different.  I’ve shared my first two tiles here in this post – pretty scary, but it was the beginning of my “artistic side”!

It really is calming as you watch the ink flow from your pen, making you slow down and relax, even if it’s just ten minutes.  The nice thing about the small “tile” is that it isn’t an overwhelming canvas.  You can finish your project and get the empowered feeling that you’ve not only taken some time out for yourself, but you’ve created something beautiful on your own!

In June, Janet and I will be attending the CZT Seminar in Providence, Rhode Island to become certified to teach Zentangle to others.  If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out the Zentangle website.  Then, let me know if you have any questions and we can start tangling together!

“We all need to relax from stress now and then. The Zentangle Method offers a quick way to intentionally redirect your focus and enter a relaxed state almost immediately. It does not require any particular physical skill. It does not require a uniform, location or equipment to relax and enjoy.”  (www.zentangle.com)


First class with Rho Densmore, CZT
First class with Rho Densmore, CZT
The "Beginning" - first class with Rho Densmore, CZT
First class with Rho Densmore, CZT


Flora and Fauna …

My tangling seems to always lead to something either flowery or aquatic. My favorite patterns apply well to these two styles.  Here’s a quick underwater tile that I put together this morning. The patterns used include Angelfish, Fescu, Flux, Jellyroll, Limpitz, Printemps, Squid, Vertigogh, Wist and Zinger. There’s another one in there too, but I just can’t name it. So hard to believe that a non-artist like me could put together a little “Zentangle Inspired Art” (ZIA) piece like this and it only took about 45 minutes!  I really like it!


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