Flora and Fauna …

My tangling seems to always lead to something either flowery or aquatic. My favorite patterns apply well to these two styles.  Here’s a quick underwater tile that I put together this morning. The patterns used include Angelfish, Fescu, Flux, Jellyroll, Limpitz, Printemps, Squid, Vertigogh, Wist and Zinger. There’s another one in there too, but I just can’t name it. So hard to believe that a non-artist like me could put together a little “Zentangle Inspired Art” (ZIA) piece like this and it only took about 45 minutes!  I really like it!


Welcome to Tangles by the Sea ….

My first post on Tangles by the Sea where I’ll share my passion for the art of Zentangle®.  I think it’s only fitting that my first posted “Zentangle Inspired Art” (ZIA) is one of my favorites (so far) and the inspiration for the name of my blog.


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