Challenge #182 … “Stripes”

The Diva has challenged us with “Stripes” this week … use stripes in any way, shape or form. I created a string consisting of four stripes and then filled in each one with Jetties, Hollibaugh, Tipple and Zander.  I do like how the four patterns work together.  

Thanks to everyone who commented on my tile last week. Sometimes it takes a little effort to leave a comment … needing passwords, entering codes, etc … so I do appreciate the time you take to do this.  I also enjoy looking at all the other submissions, and leaving comments.  Remember to go to the Diva’s website and view all the other nice entries in this week’s challenge.


Challenge #181 …. “Water” …

This week’s Diva Challenge is made for me.  We are challenged to use “water” in any way we like.  I chose a sea life ZIA with my tile “brushed” with Derwent “water” colors.

I was disappointed with myself last week as I didn’t finish the Challenge with McDee.  I know there are “no mistakes” in Zentangle, but all my efforts looked like major MISTAKES!  I just couldn’t get the patterns to flow so they never made any sense.  But, this is a new week and I’m back at it.  Maybe others have these brief moments of “?”?

“Squid Party”

DSC_0109Patterns used Squid, Fescu, Zinger, Shiraz, Printemps

I love everything about the ocean and tend to keep my ZIA’s “ocean themed” …. hence the name of this Blog!  I live right near the water so I’m lucky enough to see it every single day.  


Sharing …. Beautiful beach in San Diego, California

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Weekly Challenge #179 … Bijou

Zentangle introduced their new “mascot” in June …. a little snail named “Bijou”.  Like Bijou, drawing patterns is very slow and deliberate, all the while enjoying the process and getting lost in your own thoughts.  (At least that’s my interpretation!)  Because of the small size, new tiles were introduced in the way of 2″x2″ …. that is small.  This week’s challenge is to use the new Bijou tiles and create whatever your heart desires.  I felt a garden coming on …..


Patterns used: Dragonair, Zinger, Poke Leaf, Fescu, Angelfish, Raindotty

and in all seriousness … Tripoli


 View them all at the Diva’s website!

Challenge #178 … Duotangle by the Letter

Before I get into my submission for this week’s Diva Challenge, I just want to say how much I love Zentangle and the new path it is taking me.   I’ve met some wonderful people who share in this passion, as well as new internet “connections” to keep it growing.  Thanks to Janet, Rho, Suzanne, Sherry, Patty & Elaine.  It’s always fun to get together with you guys!

This week’s Challenge gave me a perfect opportunity to “explore” new patterns.  With my initials being “SB”, I figured I could always use the usual patterns such as Shattuck or Bales, but I opted to try something different.  And, in being different, I decided “no swirls or circles”!  I love the organic patterns but I need to expand and try others.  Here is my attempt done on an ATC tile ….

DSC_0110Patterns used … Swarm & Braze

Challenge #177 … “Truffle”

This week’s pattern challenge was brought to us by the one of the youngest CZT’s, Caroline Broady of Knoxville, Tennessee.  She created this pattern while attending her CZT seminar in Providence in June 2013.  Here’s my attempt …. and it took a few!

DSC_0102Patterns used … Truffle, Zinger, Msst, Fescue

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Calling All Canadians …. and my aging friends!

I’m taking a detour from my Zentangle posts today to help out a good friend with her skin care business.  Starting August 1st, the product line will be expanding into Canada. She asked if I would reach out to my family and friends in Canada (FYI – I was born in Trail, BC) and give them some information about her products.  I hope you will read the little “note” down below and if you’re interested, give Vicki a quick email.  AND, if you live in the US and are interested in this awesome line of anti-aging products, contact her as well.  

I’m posting this “note” on behalf of one of my long-time sailing friends, Vicki Martin.  She has partnered with the two doctors who created PROACTIVE (the acne treatment with 83% of the worldwide acne market). Their new line of skin care products for aging skin is called Rodan+Fields. Vicki is expanding her business into Canada when Rodan+Fields opens that market on August 1st.

There are four products in the Rodan+Fields line:

  • REDEFINE for the treatment and prevention of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores
  • REVERSE for the treatment of dark marks, dullness and sun damage
  • SOOTHE for the treatment of redness and inflammation of sensitive skin, i.e., eczema, psoriasis and flush blush
  • UNBLEMISH for the treatment of acne and acne scars for adults and teens who need a more sensitive approach to skin care

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a new skin care regimen to prevent or treat any of the major skin care issues, you will love these products.  I have used them myself and can tell you they work (Reverse!).

There is also an amazing business opportunity available.  When Rodan+Fields launches the Canadian market, Vicki will be expanding her team there.  She is looking for dynamic, energetic people to open the market.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a business opportunity, maybe a Plan B, or another income stream, this could be a great fit.  There are a lot of success stories already from others who are now in the business – just like Vicki!

Here’s how you can help me help my good friend … please pass Vicki’s email on to your network of friends and family.  She can be contacted at She will talk to anyone interested in either the products or business opportunity in a very professional manner, and will be respectful of your relationships.

Thanks for reading this “note” and for forwarding this information to anyone you know.

Now ….. back to my tangles!

Weekly Challenge #176 … “BYOB”

(FIRST OF ALL – Apologies on bad link on Diva’s site.  Don’t know what I did wrong!)

Our challenge this week was a little different … with the summer season in full swing, guest Diva, Amy Broady, asked us to use our favorite beverage in any way, shape or form!  You could spill it, paint it, drink it while you tangled, sit in your favorite drinking spot and tangle – the ideas were endless.  The main thing was just to “bring your own beverage”!

With the hot weather, I love a Starbucks iced chai tea latte.  Love them so much that I actually buy the Tazo Chai Tea concentrate at my grocery store.  For the price of one chai latte at Starbucks, I get the whole carton and about eight drinks!  And they taste just as good.  SO … for my challenge I took some iced chai tea and splattered it on my tile.  I really like the creamy caramel color on the tile.  In looking through patterns to learn, I came across YAF which to me looked kind of “India-ish” – like my spicy chai tea.  Then I added a few Flux for the paisley look.  Like it!  Nice and simple, but colorful using a bit of colored pencil.

See the other entries at the Diva’s website.  So many creative ideas from everyone BYOB’ing!


Patterns used – YAF, Flux & Jetties (with splatters of chai tea!)

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