Challenge #204 … “Valentangle”

This week’s Diva Challenge fit right in with a class I led a couple weeks ago (see my last post).  I taught a Zentangle Basics class for a group of eleven ladies who gather each month or so to craft together.  One of them had taken my “Basics” class at Paper Tales last November and thought it would be fun to introduce to her group.  We had a great time – for three hours – tangling, eating and tangling!

I took them through the usual two tiles/eight patterns and then gave them a watercolor-washed tile in pinks/reds with an outlined heart.  They then proceeded to create a string within their hearts and use the patterns they learned earlier that day.  Lots of fun and they really got into by then.  One of them had brought card-making supplies so several took the opportunity to add their tile to the cards and create a beautiful Valentine.

I had a left over tile so did one myself.  Here it is using crescent moon, flux, hollibaugh, tipple and echoism.

Take a look at all the other Diva Challenge entries this week on the Diva’s website.  So many creative people!  Happy Valentine’s Day all ….


“Zentangle Basics” ….

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to teach Zentangle to a group of eleven ladies who gather once a month for miscellaneous crafting activities.  One of them, Carol, had taken a class from me at Paper Tales and subsequently invited me to come speak to her group.  These ladies know how to have fun.   We started at 10:00am, gave the history of Zentangle, shared some stories and then we made our first tile.  Then, we had to break for lunch.  They go all out … quiches, salads, drinks and dessert!

After lunch I taught them four more patterns so we could complete our second tile.  Because this was going to be a three hour class, I also prepared an extra tile that I had washed with water colors in pinks and reds.  I then outlined a heart and gave one to each lady.  I asked them to draw a string inside their heart and then fill in with the patterns they learned that morning.  It was great.  And, by this tile, they were all so quiet while putting down their patterns.  They finally got it!  I had a great time and hope some of them will continue on their Zentangle journey. Image 1 Image

Thanks to Carol and Karen for hosting this fun day of creating!

Challenge #201 … Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day!

This week, the Diva has challenged us to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation logo as our string.  January 24th is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day and those of us involved in the Diva’s weekly challenges know of her young son’s challenge with this rare neurological disorder.  We honor her and her family with our yearly contributions on this Awareness Day.

They are a remarkable family, and he is an absolutely adorable little boy.  Love to see all the pictures of him and his older brother and their adventures and mischief.

To learn more about this, click on the links above to read about Laura and her son, or the Foundation and all that they do.


Diva Challenge #200!

Congrats to Laura Harms, “The Diva”, for posting her 200th Diva Challenge this week – that is a lot of computing and creating!  She does this through the kindness of her Canadian heart for all of us Zentangle enthusiasts to participate each week.  THANK YOU Laura for your time and effort on our behalf.

The Challenge was to use our “go to” pattern and fill out the entire tile with that pattern.  I really like “Echoism”  – free flowing and fun to draw.  So, here is my tile for the week, and my contribution to trying to make 200 entries for the 200th celebration. Thanks again Laura …. you are appreciated here in sunny Southern California!


Challenge #198 … “Keep It Simple Silly”

This week’s Diva Challenge is perfect for this hectic, busy time of the year.  Just “keep it simple” … which I did with a little Vertigough and Aha.  Used my Wink of Stella glitter pens to add a little glitz and … here it is!

I would like to dedicate my blog post this week to a long time friend and coworker who passed away last week.  Elizabeth worked with my husband and I for thirty years …. you don’t find that kind of loyalty anymore.  She was hindered with a few disabilities after several strokes the past few years, but she still came to work with a smile on her face and never complained about a thing.  She was a calming force within the company and could deal with the worst of them …. she just “kept things simple” and never got overwhelmed by anyone or anything.  We will miss her very much.  Peace to you our dear friend.

DSC_0001… for Elizabeth …

Challenge #197 … Arukas

This week the Diva has returned.  She has challenged us with the newest pattern from Zentangle called “Arukas” (Sakura spelled backwards!).  Sakura is the brand of pens we use for drawing the patterns.

Our once-a-month Zentangle Club in San Diego met this past Monday …. and for the first time, everyone in attendance was a CZT!  That was pretty cool to sit and chat with those who went before us (waaaaay before us – Suzanne Wilka – Class #4) to one of the newest CZT’s – Karen Calder Corvan from Class #17!  San Diego has it covered!

Our host, Janet Masey, suggested we all do the Diva Challenge for the week, or she had some cute reindeer outlines to tangle if you preferred.  Here is my entry to the stack of “Arukas” tiles.  Check out the Diva’s website to see all the others.



Challenge #194 … “Non Dominant Hand”

This week’s Diva Challenge was to use your non-dominant hand to create your tile.  So, my very uncooperative left hand drew my string and then I began to tangle.  I had been told to just “go slow” and it will help.  Well, some lines got a little squiggly and out of control, but the end result isn’t too bad.  In fact, I may even try it again!  Check all the other submissions at the Diva’s website.

DSC_0002Patterns “attempted” … Zinger, Aha(?), Croon,
Meer, Printemps, Flux, & N’Zepple

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